Matthew Griego

Ahhh, summer is here… or has been here for a couple months, and you know what that means!  Summer Games returns to Overwatch!

For those who missed it last year, Overwatch’s Summer Games is an event where you can get exclusive customization items for each character as well as play a mode called Lucio Ball.  During the event you gain a new kind of loot box where you have a chance at these exclusive items or you can buy them for money like you would a normal loot box.  You can also buy the new items at three times the normal in game cost (such as 3000 currency for a legendary skin instead of the normal 1000) if you have a bit of savings to burn through.

If you missed last year’s Summer Games and were hoping to get one of the exclusives, don’t worry!  Blizzard has put these items back in rotation in the Summer Games boxes as well as for purchase for normal in game currency prices!

The characters that received new skins this year are: Junkrat, McCree, Mercy, Reaper, Solider 76, Sombra, and Widowmaker, and in usual Blizzard fashion, they are both fun and have lots of interesting and silly details, such as Solider’s “A-Salt” rifle in his new grilling outfit.

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The other draw of this event is Lucio Ball, an entirely new mode where you have two teams of Lucios trying to knock a large ball into a goal on your opponents side of the field.  Its basically like Rocket League if you replaced all the cars with skating DJs with sound guns.  You cannot kill your opponents in this mode, except for in some weird glitches which they have probably fixed for this year, and whoever scores the most goals in the set time wins.

Whats different this year is that instead of it being a mode just for casual fun, Blizzard also added a competitive queue for Lucio Ball.  You will earn ranked credits like you would in a normal competitive win, but your ranking will be completely separate.  Its a more fun way to get more tokens so you can get closer to those sweet sweet golden weapons for your favorite characters.


Blizzard has said that they will continue to bring the limited time modes back year after year and if its anything like this year’s Summer Games, they will continue to add more content and modes along the way.

I, for one, will be shooting for that Grand Master Lucio Ball ranking and hope to see all of you out on the summer fields.