Tony Brattoli

After the release of Spaltoon 2 for the Nintendo switch (along with it many disappointments, specifically with its multiplayer aspect), there has been great anticipation for the next title game. With a release date of August 28th, I believe that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is just that game.


Mario XCOM? YES! That is exactly what we at NoSalt would compare this game to. In seeing some of the game-play during the E3 conferences, I am very excited to get my hands on this.  How could anyone not like the idea of a tactical Mario game? The idea of introducing Rabbids into the Mario world did not initially sound appealing, but what was revealed during E3 as well as a general consensus in online forums, this game has grasped the attention of many. Ubisoft, however, has been known to, as we say, “Ubisoft” their games, I am keeping my hopes high for what they have brought into the Mario universe. The game looks solid. Just so solid. I am also hopeful that keeping a high expectation does not lead to an unfortunate letdown. As it stands right now, I would be hard pressed to find a reason not to like this game.



Oh yea…did I mention talent trees? This aspect is probably one of, if not my favorite, in this game. I feel that I could easily ramble on like a giddy school girl. There is so much to say about this, that I have no way of expressing all of them on this page. You can customize your characters! Thank you for that! Increase damage of your weapon, increase defensive stats, increase abilities, and much more. I also have to say that the other aspect I like with equal enthusiasm, is the fact that this game can be taken with you anywhere you go! Not to sound like a fanboy but, Nintendo, you can really do things right. And when you’re right, you are very right.




As I have clearly stated, this game is highly anticipated for me (I have already pre-ordered it) and I cannot wait to play it. If you pre-order from Amazon, not only do you get the pre-order discount of 20%, but there is an in-game reward of a pixel pack with 8 weapons. That part is not as exciting as the discount but hey, why not get something right off the bat? Stay tuned for a NoSalt review of this title and feel free to reach out to us to express your thoughts and opinions. We will see you in the game on August 28th!