Peter Park


…Team Mayo!?

After a 24 hour long turfwar battle for superiority, Splatoon 2’s very own Squid Idols revealed the results for the latest Ketchup Vs. Mayo Splatfest: a decisive 2 – 1 Mayo victory over Ketchup. The points were distributed based on three factors: which faction had the popular vote, which faction performed the best in solo queue turfwar, and which faction performed the best in team queue turfwar. While Ketchup got an overwhelming victory in the popular vote with a stunning 73%, Mayo fared much better in actual combat with a 52% and 51% winrate in solo and team queue respectively.

While the Splatfest was a fun diversion from the typical gamemodes, it was far from perfect. I, along with many other Ketchup players, found myself playing primarily against other Ketchup teams. Of the total 16 games I played during the Splatfest, only 5 of them were against Team Mayo. While playing matches against Team Ketchup will still accrue points toward your personal Splatfest title, it is unknown how these Ketchup Vs. Ketchup matches affected the overall win percentages for the Splatfest. An inquiry from Kotaku has not been given a reply as of yet.


The battle was hard-fought but, alas, victory was not secured for my Team Ketchup. No matter what all the fan art in Inkopolis says, Mayo is not, and never will be, the Way-o.