Peter Park

Splatoon 2’s very first official Splatfest since its launch is starting today 8/4 9:00PM PST and will last till 8/5 9:00PM PST for exactly 24 hours. For those of you unfamiliar with these special events, Splatfests are Splatoon’s method of implementing a bipartisan political party system into Inkopolis.

Expect tons of squid puns with each Splatfest

In Splatfests, each player pledges support for one of two factions (in today’s case Ketchup or Mayo) for which you will splat and be splatted for. You and other members of your faction will be teamed up against teams of the opposing faction in games of Turfwar where the goal is to have more of your team’s ink on the map by the end of the match. Wins will net your faction Splatfest points, more points earns you better titles, and better titles equal more rewards by the end of Splatfest. You get even more rewards if your faction wins too! Rewards will include currency like the Super Sea Snails which are redeemed with Murch, the one-eyed Urchin that specializes in scrubbing and re-rolling abilities on your gear. Throughout the duration of the Splatfest, you’ll have temporary access to a Splatfest Tee that helps rep your faction and has the unique ability which doubles the effectiveness of any abilities that the shirt gains (this tee can also be used in every Lobby gamemode while available).

While you’re waiting for the Splatfest to start, check out some of the Inkling communities’ great and sometimes questionable Splatfest related artwork in the lobby.

Like the first game, Splatfests will be a recurring event and a great reason to splat some ignorant inklings that chose the wrong side. Ketchup forever!

Note: it’s been reported that to match the Splatfest’s theme, the ink colors will be red and white for ketchup and mayo respectively. That will be… interesting to see.