Have you all been waiting for a new MOBA? Something that is different and nothing like its competitors? Gigantic is the MOBA for you!


This MOBA has been in beta since 2015 and was finally released as a full-fledged game on Steam on 7/20/17! This game is a very fresh take on the standard MOBA format. It is not a lane pusher. It is not a “group up and destroy the nexus” type game. This is a cross between a third-person, 5 v 5 hero shooter and a MOBA. Sure, that style might sound familiar as it is something we get a taste of in Battlerite. You move with WASD, use your mouse and number keys for skills. However, the gameplay is much different and far exceeded my expectations.


There are a number of heroes to choose from. You start with a standard set for free, and the rest can be unlocked or purchased with in-game currency. As with any class-style game, each hero comes equipped with their own special abilities. There are defensive heroes, offense-heavy/bruiser heroes, mage/casters, and healers. The controls are quite simple: Left-click executes your standard auto-attack ability. Right-click is your secondary attack. Q and E are character-specific spells/abilities. Each of these abilities can be upgraded as well. You will get an alert when an upgrade is ready and for which ability it is going to be for. There is, however, a special move for each character. This is called your Focus attack. You need to collect power by killing enemies in order to use it. It is essentially like an ultimate ability. It has 3 different tiers of strength that will upgrade with the more power you collect. This ability can be used to unleash an ultimate attack against enemies as well us be used to upgrade summons (I will talk about this soon).


Instead of a nexus, each team has a Guardian. After gathering up enough power, they will fly over to the other one and pin them down, allowing you to attack the opposing team’s Guardian to wound it. 3 wounds on the opposing Guardian wins the game! These Guardians can receive bonus power from capturing what I will call “summoning pits” as well as killing enemies. If a Guardian is pinned, and either of those tasks are performed, that Guardian will receive a shield which could potentially save it from taking any wounds.

I could go on and on. Needless to say, this game is packed with some exciting elements. You don’t have to take my word for it. Head over to the Steam store and download it for free today!