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Thank you for joining us! — July 17, 2017

Thank you for joining us!

Today is the start of something new. Something fresh. We, at NoSalt, started a weekly Podcast where we talk about video games. This includes gaming news, patch updates, and recaps on what we have been playing for the week. Friends talking to friends. In upcoming posts, we will be embedding our podcasts for all to hear! They are also available on iTunes for download. Thank you again for the support and we hope to continue on doing what we do.


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Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is Here! — October 11, 2017

Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 is Here!

Peter Park

Dr. Junkenstein is back in Overwatch’s Halloween themed seasonal event with the return of two variations of the PVE Dr. Junkstein Arcade mode as well as a ton of amazing new cosmetics along with last years offerings.

Like last year’s Halloween event, in the regular version of Dr. Junkenstein, you and three other intrepid adventurers face off against waves of mindless robot drones. Two separate queues are available each having different heroes available for play for the mode. To top it off, completing either mode for the first time will net you a Halloween lootbox.

When a seasonal event comes around with its host of themed skins, I tend to strongly prefer a handful out of the selection but this year every single new legendary skin, in my opinion, is absolutely GORGEOUS.

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It’s hard to pick which skins I need to have bust if had to narrow it down to three it would be Zenyatta, Ana, and McCree.

Along with these new legendary skins are a new highlight reel for Roadhog, new emotes for Mei and Torbjorn, and tons of victory poses and sprays.

Prepare to bust open some robot heads (or some wallets…) for Halloween Terror available 10/10/2017 – 11/1/2017.

Golf Story First Impressions — October 10, 2017

Golf Story First Impressions

Peter Park

I have zero interest in golf. None whatsoever. Golf games on the other hand? That’s something I can dig real deep into. Tack on an RPG onto it and I’m set. So believe me when I say I’ve been clamoring for a new Golf RPG since Mario Golf: Advance Tour, one of my favorite GBA titles of ALL TIME. The good news is Golf Story for the Nintendo Switch absolutely scratches that niche itch in more ways than one.


The story is fairly straight forward and not the main draw of the game. You’re an aspiring Golf Superstar hoping to make a name for yourself in big leagues (despite a traumatic goose incident as a child). While you’ll be competing in several tournaments in order to prove yourself, sinking golf balls won’t be all there is to do. Several side-missions will ask you to fulfill requests for golf course patrons that range from fetching turtles to clubbing bird eggs back to their parents. If you’re looking for even more variety, there’s mini golf and disc golf to be played (though mechanically they’re not as interesting in my opinion). In true RPG fashion, fulfilling missions will level up your character, giving you points to upgrade your stats such as increasing the power of your swing or improving your overall accuracy.


One of the biggest draws to the game in my eyes is Golf Story’s pixel art style. The game has several visually distinct locales ranging from traditional greens, to prehistoric dinosaur pits, to mountain peaks. The characters are well animated and the vegetation will rustle with the wind. My main gripe is that the dialogue boxes aren’t well crafted; a poor choice of font and extremely large text in small bubbles aren’t a visually appealing combination.


If you’ve ever played golf games before, the mechanics of Golf Story will be very familiar. You’ll have a number of clubs to choose from, all of which have their own specific specialties from the Driver club for the long shots to the putter for sinking. The power of your shot and the accuracy of your swing is determined by a meter. There’s a hit point mode to select what part of the ball to strike in order to shape the trajectory of the ball, a precision mode to tag where exactly along the trajectory you want your ball to land, and controls to add top spin and back spin to the ball. Overall the mechanical control of golfing is straightforward and you’ll find yourself landing the shots you intended with ease.

In terms of early impressions, Golf Story seems to be a case of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Tons of variety in things to do, a charming pixel art style, and solid golfing mechanics make for a good golfing time, which may I add is perfect for the Switch.



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Destiny 2 Beta – Well, what do you think? — August 31, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta – Well, what do you think?

Tony Brattoli

The open beta for Destiny 2 was finally released for PC on August 29th which was slightly more than a month after the open beta for consoles (PS4 and Xbone). Taking this into consideration, it was well worth the wait. This game is absolutely stunning. It is optimized extremely well, textures and models are beautiful. There is a lot to say about it.


The in-game screenshots just does not do this game justice. Personally, I believe it comparable to watching a CGI movie. The game-play was quite smooth. The area you are dropped into when the game starts is loaded with things going on in the background: Fire, sparks, smoke, enemies attacking you, and narration among other things. I did not feel the game-play was clunky in any way. Controls are quite responsive. It was a little weird to have melee bound to “C” but that can be changed in the settings to whatever you want, as in virtually any FPS.


As you venture through the beta, you will get to a point in the game that plays like King of the Hill. Now, I am not certain, but when playing, I was pretty sure in this part of the game, I was playing along side other beta players. Seemed too “human-like” to be AI but, then again, it could just be that Bungie is that amazing. Who knows…



The unfortunate thing with this game, is its release schedule. Destiny 2 will release on consoles September 9th, which is great! You will get to experience the game on a PS4 and Xbox One from the comfort of your couch. HOWEVER, for us PC gamers that are probably the ones looking forward to this the most, the release date is October 24th. More than 1 month after console release. With that being said, I will hasten to say that this game seems worth the wait. I will wait to play and run the game in full 60 FPS (or higher for you 144Hz monitor owners) on my PC. The true question is: will you?

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Leaked Internal Memo Reveals a New Subscription Service for Gamestop —

Leaked Internal Memo Reveals a New Subscription Service for Gamestop

Peter Park

According to a tweet by Cheap Ass Gamer, Gamestop is currently in the process of rolling out their very own subscription service similar to Amazon Prime. According to the leaked memo, the service will be called Elite Plus and will offer several benefits to members that will stack on top of their existing Pro members.

The Benefits are as follows:

  • 30 points for every dollar spent
  • 20% off pre-owned software and accessories
  • 20% extra trade credit on software, accessories and tech
  • A buy 2 get 1 free pre-owned games welcome offer
  • A collectibles welcome offer
  • $50 in exclusive monthly offers
  • Free 2-day shipping

The service will be $29.99 a year which is significantly cheaper than Amazon Prime’s $99 annual fee. While there doesn’t appear to be a discount off new software and merchandise, Elite Plus can be a great deal for those primarily interested in purchasing used games.

The Elite Pro service will begin rolling out to select locations on 9/13 with a complete roll out going live by 10/18.

Feeling Salty? — August 28, 2017

Feeling Salty?

Matthew Griego

If you have ever followed the competitive gaming scene chances are you have heard someone described as ‘salty’.  This is  a way of saying that someone is mad at the fact that they lost and the more they blame something besides themselves the more ‘salty’ they are.  It is also the namesake of our group because we never get salty.

Ever heard someone who lost a game say, “THATS BS!”?  Salty.  “I COULD WIN IF YOU WEREN’T USING THAT OP STRAT/CHARACTER/WHATEVER!”  Salty.

Anyone who is passionate about a game they play, has most likely been salty at one point or another.  The real question is, how do you avoid getting salty?  Here are some tips to avoid the sodium:

Try to look at losses/deaths as a learning experience.

This one is more important for people just starting a new game, but can still help people with long histories in a game.  The basic mentality with this is simple: whenever you lose/die/are defeated in a game think about how you lost and what you could have done to prevent that.  I know what you’re thinking, “But that one thing is OP” or “But I had a bad team,” and sometimes there isn’t a lot where you can improve to have prevented a losing situation, but many times we let that mentality rule over all losing games and we don’t learn anything.  If you start with asking yourself what you could have done better, even if you come to the conclusion there wasn’t, you may find you grow as a player faster instead of giving up and being frustrated.

Play with friends

Pretty much any game when played alone is not going to be as fun as if you were playing with friends.  On top of this, playing with friends can help bring more coordination and communication which can help you win and get over losses easier.  Playing with friends can also be a great way to learn a game you are just getting into.  That’s it, move to the next one.

If a game stops being fun, stop playing it

I get it.  You’ve been playing the game for so long and it had so many great memories tied to it.  The problem is that sometimes we let our ideas of how fun a game used to be force us to think a game is still fun even when it isn’t.  For me this happened very strongly with the game League of Legends.  I was playing since season one and was always having a great time learning all the characters and playing with friends, but after three seasons, the game just wasn’t the same.  I was always frustrated and my friends were always mad at mistakes the team made and the game had just lost its fun charm.  It was hard, but eventually I quit that game and I have to say, things have been a lot better because of it.  This doesn’t mean you can’t come back to a game you used to love, but sometimes you just need to stop playing and come back to appreciate it again.

Ask for help

They always say the first step in improving in something is admitting you need help.  There is no shame in seeking advice on how to get better or where you can improve.  In the age of the interwebs there are so many resources you can seek out to see where you can improve that there is little reason to not use them if you can benefit.  Watch some replays or lets plays, look at forum posts, or simply ask a friend.

There are some of the ways we here at the NoSalt crew never get salty, clearly.  We hope they can help you keep on enjoying your games, and please, post some tips you think we missed!

Nintendo’s ARMS releases new Character and Stage — August 22, 2017

Nintendo’s ARMS releases new Character and Stage

As part of their Gamescom announcements, Nintendo has revealed the newest addition to the stretchy armed pantheon of ARMS fighters, Lola Pop! The official trailer for the upcoming patch dubbed ARMS Ver. 3 shows off Lola, a colorful and bouncy clown with the ability to inflate herself like a balloon and block incoming attacks while midair.


The trailer also featured three new arms: a nunchaku arm that spins around while thrown, a Hydra-style arm that shot three projectiles that painted the opponents screen when successfully landed ala Blorb, and a reflective shield arm that bounced incoming punches back to the opponent. Last but not least the patch includes a new themed map that suits Lola Pops charming style.

The release date of ARMS Ver. 3 is still tentative as of this posting.

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